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Sex Offenses


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Sex offenses are serious crimes that can affect a person’s freedom and social relationship.  This may include a person’s ability to obtain employment. If you have been accused of rape, you will want to talk to our Albuquerque rape lawyers right away.


Sex offenses include:

  • Sexual penetration (felony): forcing or coercing someone to participate in sexual intercourse against his or her will. Rape and sexual assault involve penetration of a person’s body with genitalia or an object.
  • Sexual contact (misdemeanor or felony): unlawful and intentional touching of another’s intimate parts, i.e. molestation.
  • Indecent exposure (misdemeanor or felony): knowingly and intentionally exposing one’s primary genital area to public view.
  • Incest: knowingly intermarrying or having sexual intercourse between family members, including half-siblings.
  • Enticement of child (misdemeanor): persuading or possessing a child under 16 to enter any secluded place with intent to commit a sexual offense.
  • Sexual exploitation of children (felony): intentionally causing/permitting, possessing/distributing, or manufacturing videos or photographs depicting any sexual act or simulation when at least one of the participants is under 18.
  • Kidnapping (felony) with the intent to inflict a sexual offense on a victim.
  • Human trafficking (felony) with intent or knowledge that the person will engage in commercial sexual activity.
  • Prostitution (petty misdemeanor, unless repeat offender): engaging in sexual activity for money.


Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the age of the victim, and the circumstances surrounding the crime, punishment may vary from six months to life imprisonment, and fines of up to $17,500. Convicted sex offenders in most categories must also register with the County Sheriff as sex offenders for 10 years or life.


These charges vary depending on the conduct alleged and the circumstances of the case.  This is a sensitive area in human relations, the subject of many false allegations, and so it requires especially sensitive investigation by an experienced defense investigator.    From an investigator’s findings, experienced Albuquerque Rape Lawyers will be able to examine police procedure to determine whether rights were violated and scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence.  The goal for knowledgeable Albuquerque Rape Lawyers specializing in sex offenses is to bring to light any false allegations.

Finding Albuquerque Rape Lawyers For Your Case

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