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What do CEO of Enron Kenneth Lay, Vice President of Operations and Merchandising for Fry’s Electronics Omar Siddique, comedian Dane Cook’s half-brother and business manager Darryl McCauley, and famous cat burglar Bill Mason, a.k.a. the “Jewel Thief,” all have in common? A knowledgeable Albuquerque Property Attorney knows that they are all probably guilty of committing property offenses.


When most people think about property crime, most people tend to think of property theft. Property theft is the illegal act of taking someone’s property without consent. “Property offense” is a broad category that includes this crime, as well as others such as burglaries, robberies, embezzlement, fraud, simple and grand larceny, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, and money laundering.

  • Burglary is breaking and entering into a residence or dwelling with the intent to commit a criminal offense.
  • Robbery is the theft of anything of value from the person or the immediate control of another, by use or threatened use of force or violence.
  • Embezzlement is when someone entrusted to manage or monitor someone else’s money or property steals all or part of that money or property for personal gain.
  • Fraud is the deliberate deception and manipulation of someone in order to take something of value that belongs to the person being deceived.
  • Larceny is stealing of anything of value that belongs to another. Shoplifting is a form of larceny.
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud is fraudulently obtaining benefits from Medicare or Medicaid, including failing to report change of income that would disqualify you from receipt of benefits, etc.
  • Money laundering is using proceeds of criminal activity for apparently lawful purposes.


Depending on the value of the property, property offenses may range from petty misdemeanors to first-degree felonies.  Depending on the seriousness of the crime in question, fines may range from $500 to $15,000 and/or imprisonment from six months to 18 years.


Each property offense must be investigated, and the testimony from witnesses, police officers, and other parties involved in the case must be reviewed.  The prosecution’s evidence must be scrutinized.  From this investigation, an experienced Albuquerque Property Attorney will attack the prosecution’s case by demonstrating the innocence of the accused or arguing insufficiency of the evidence.

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