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Ray Twohig

Regina Torrez

has worked for the Twohig Law Firm since 1997 as a Paralegal and Office Manager and is responsible for the management of all law office operations. She has more than 20 years of experience working in busy, high pressure civil and criminal law environments. She is also a successful competitive ballroom dancer.

Maurice Moya

is a contract private investigator who retired as a detective on the Albuquerque Police Department. He has worked on cases of the Twohig Law Firm since 1995, and has been instrumental in locating and developing evidence which has led to multiple successes. Many of the cases listed in the Major Cases portion of this web site depended on his investigation. As a paralegal, Mr. Moya also brings knowledge and skills to each case which make him a valuable participant in court at counsel table. Where appropriate, he has also testified as an expert witness.

Eda Gordon

is a licensed private investigator and jury consultant who works on a contract basis with the Twohig Law Firm on many cases. Originally working on the Wounded Knee cases in the 70′s, in which Mr. Twohig was also counsel, she later moved to New Mexico and has worked on many high profile and death penalty cases. Those which featured representation by the Twohig Law Firm have included Gordon House, Roy Buchner and the currently pending habeas corpus for Tim Allen, one of two prisoners who remain on New Mexico’s Death Row. All of these are described in the Major Cases section of the web site. More recently, she conducted the detailed mental health investigation which led to the dismissal of the Diane Willis case. Her work is referred to in the Nolle Prosequi and the reports of both experts which are also described in the Major Cases portion of this web site.

Lisa Godin

is the Business Manager for the Firm. Since 1996 she has managed the business aspects of the practice allowing the other staff to focus their energies on the legal issues. She is Mr. Twohig’s wife, and Russ, Jack and Frannie’s mother. She is an inspiration to all who know her.

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