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Involuntary Manslaughter Defense
28 Mar 2016

Involuntary Manslaughter Defense

murder law firm albuquerque handcuffsInvoluntary manslaughter is a very serious charge that a murder law firm Albuquerque can help you defend. Generally, involuntary manslaughter is defined as an unintentional act that someone commits that results in another person’s death. The actor does not have to have the intent to kill, but instead the actor just needs to have the intent to engage in a negligent or reckless manner that results in death. Someone convicted of involuntary manslaughter usually faces a significant prison term that can last for several years.

Proving Involuntary Manslaughter

Albuquerque attorneys at the Twohig Law Firm can explain to you that a prosecutor will generally need to prove three elements to convict someone of involuntary manslaughter:

  • Death. The defendant must have committed some act that resulted in another person’s death.
  • Negligence or Recklessness. What separates an involuntary manslaughter from a simple accident resulting in death is that the defendant that commits involuntary manslaughter must have committed an act that was criminally negligent or reckless and without regard for the safety or well-being of others.
  • Knowledge. The defendant must have knowledge that his negligent or reckless acts constituted a threat to the safety of others.

A common example of involuntary manslaughter is a drunk driving accident that results in death. The driver of the car likely did not have the intent to kill anyone. However, by driving drunk, the driver did have the intent to engage in a reckless act knowing that the act could cause serious harm to others.

Involuntary Manslaughter as a Defense to Murder

While involuntary manslaughter is a very serious criminal charge, a murder law firm Albuquerque will oftentimes use the crime as a defense to more serious criminal allegations such as first or second degree murder. A murder charge typically requires that the actor have criminal intent to kill someone. Someone convicted of murder can face the most serious criminal penalties in New Mexico including life imprisonment. However, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help argue that the defendant lacked the intent to kill, and mitigate the charge down to involuntary manslaughter.

Contact a Murder Law Firm Albuquerque

The distinction between murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter can be very subtle. As a result, you will want to discuss the specifics of your case with experienced Albuquerque attorneys at the Twohig Law Firm by calling (505) 898-0400 to learn how we can help.


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