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Russell Harris – Accused of Murder – Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Russell Harris – Accused of Murder – Found Not Guilty on All Charges

Russell, who had worked for years in the kitchen of the Santa Fe Country Club, was attempting to protect a domestic violence abuse victim at the request of her mother. Her former boyfriend and abuser had continued to stalk her and then turned his threats on Mr. Harris, who is black. Repeated threats to “kill the nigger” caused Mr. Harris to borrow a handgun to protect himself. Upon leaving a Santa Fe apartment complex one evening, he was approached and attacked with a firearm by the brother of the abuser. The attacker was under the influence of drugs, the firearm misfired, and Mr. Harris was able to defend himself with the gun he was carrying and killed the attacker. Mr. Harris was accused of murder, but the Twohig Law Firm team, comprised of Ray Twohig, Maurice Moya, Nick Sitterly and Eda Gordon first got Mr. Harris out of jail pending trial and then demonstrated to a jury that Mr. Harris acted in self defense. The jury found Mr. Harris not guilty of all charges.


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