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Diana Willis – Charged With Child Abuse Resulting in Death –  Dismissed

Diana Willis – Charged With Child Abuse Resulting in Death – Dismissed

The Twohig Law Firm Team established through an extensive investigation of her background and her family’s mental health history that she suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was delusional at the time she and her little son Richie were running naked away from imagined tarantulas and other spiders. Richie died when his mother allegedly abandoned him in a rural area near Encino, New Mexico. Once the extensive background report and a full psychological evaluation were presented, the District Attorney entered a Nolle Prosequi with prejudice dismissing the charges permanently on the basis of her insanity. After the verdict from the Reagan assassination attempt, New Mexico followed most states in adopting the alternative verdict of Guilty but Insane. All insanity claims tried since then in the state had resulted in either guilty verdicts, or verdicts of guilty but insane. Prosecutors chose trials in which the compromise verdict of Guilty but Insane was very likely. Coincidentally, the DA’s dismissal in the Willis case came on the same day that Governor Richardson signed into law a bill repealing the verdict of Guilty but Insane. The Twohig Law Firm team approach to the case included dedicated and often difficult work by Eda Gordon, Maurice Moya and Regina Torrez.

Charges may be dropped in child death (Source: KRQE News 13)

DA drops charge in boy’s exposure death (Source: KRQE News 13)

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