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Albuquerque Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Reasonable Suspicion
02 Nov 2015

Albuquerque Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain Reasonable Suspicion

The Albuquerque criminal defense lawyers at Twohig Law Firm understand that law enforcement officials must have probable cause to file a formal charge against a suspect. However, the rules of police protocol associated with investigations do not always comport with the Fourth and Fifth Amendments because police officers are not required to advise a suspect of their legal rights until they are an actual defendant. During the investigation process while the officer is attempting to determine probable cause, the suspect may be questioned about potentially self-incriminating evidence. Because of this grey area in the law, it is easy for an individual to be included in an investigation merely by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is also why you will need one of the Albuquerque criminal defense lawyers at Twohig Law to ensure your legal rights are respected.

Wrong Place

Being in the proximity of a potential crime scene qualifies as the wrong place, as law officers must make decisions while on patrol that are decided by reasonably obvious factors. Being around a crime scene does not make a suspect culpable, but a bystander may become a suspect when other facts concerning the crime are being revealed. It is easy to incriminate yourself while being questioned before an arrest is made. The officer must have probable cause to file the charge, but a suspect can be detained for a short amount of time while the officer investigates. It is important to have Albuquerque defense lawyers at Twohig Law protecting your rights.

Wrong Time

Being in the vicinity of a crime or a remote area at an unreasonable hour can prompt immediate reasonable suspicion from an officer that you may be involved in a potential crime. Officers can question anyone in an obvious situation where the suspect has no valid business being in the location. Vandalism is a common crime in many areas, and most of it occurs when no one is around except the perpetrator. It is always important to have a reason for being at your location because criminal situations can arise at any time from any where. Being in the a questionable location at a bad time, such as the early hours of the morning, can be reasonable suspicion within itself.

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The Albuquerque criminal defense lawyers at Twohig Law Firm understand that it is easy to get caught up in a criminal investigation based on reasonable suspicion, so it is always a good decision to call them at (505) 898-0400 and consult with them concerning any charge that may have been filed against you without probable cause.


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