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Our Albuquerque White Collar Crimes Lawyer Discusses Tax Evasion
06 Jul 2015

Our Albuquerque White Collar Crimes Lawyer Discusses Tax Evasion

Albuquerque Criminal Attorney scalesThe Internal Revenue Service aggressively prosecutes alleged tax evaders, and our Albuquerque white collar crimes lawyers know how to fight back. As a federal agency, the IRS has the extensive resources of the federal government to conduct investigations or audits and file charges against alleged tax frauds. You can be sure that even if the allegations are a mistake, tax evasion charges can complicate your life in many ways.

Tax evasion charges are filed when a person, corporation or other entity purposefully fails to pay taxes or seeks to avoid taxes that are owed. The American tax code is incredibly complex, and there are many ways that tax evasion or tax fraud can occur. Our Albuquerque white collar crimes lawyers have years of experience defending clients charged with tax and other financial crimes.

What If I Made a Mistake in Calculating or Filing my Taxes?

The tax code is complicated and that it is quite easy for people to make mistakes. Even accountants and tax filing professionals make mistakes. As such you may worry about being prosecuted if you inadvertently underpay the government. A mistake should not result in criminal charges unless there is evidence that you intentionally or deliberately sought to avoid paying your tax obligations. However, you should be aware that even if you made a simple mistake, you may still be responsible for late payment penalties, fines, interest and potentially being audited. In any event, this can be a scary and complicated process. If you are facing formal charges or are being investigated in connection with suspected fraud, our Albuquerque criminal lawyers are here to help.

What Are Some Common Types of Tax Fraud?

Tax evasion can take many different forms depending on the type of financial information you are required to disclose and the deductions or exemptions you may be entitled to claim. Some common examples include:

  • If you fail to report income or under-report income. Intentionally failing to pay your taxes by not accounting for ALL of your income may subject you to criminal charges for tax evasion. This often occurs when employees and businesses fail to report cash payments they receive.
  • If you claim exemptions, deductions or expenses that are not accurate. We assist business owners who are charged with tax evasion because they wrongfully sought to avoid paying taxes by unlawfully deducting expenses.
  • If you seek public benefits or other government support by failing to disclose your income or by under-reporting your income you can be charged. You may face incarceration and be required to pay restitution for the amount of benefits you wrongfully received.

Contact an Experienced Albuquerque White Collar Crimes Lawyer

At the Twohig Law Firm we have years of experience defending clients charged with all kinds of fraud, including tax fraud at both the state and federal level. Call one of our white collar crimes attorneys today and discuss your legal options. We may be reached at (505) 898-0400 for consultations.


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