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Our Albuquerque Defense Lawyer Discusses Who You Can Talk to about Your Case
26 Oct 2015

Our Albuquerque Defense Lawyer Discusses Who You Can Talk to about Your Case

woman's hands Albuquerque Defense LawyerWhen you are facing a criminal case, it is best that you only speak to your Albuquerque defense lawyer about it. Speaking with anyone outside of your Albuquerque defense lawyer may lead to serious consequences for you or your case.

Who Can I Talk to about My Case?

Remember, you have the right to remain silent. This right does not just apply to you while you are being questioned by the police, it can apply throughout your entire criminal case. This means that you do not, and should not, discuss your case with anyone except your defense lawyer. The prosecution may try to intimidate the people in your life to testify against you, which includes people such as:

  • Your spouse. Privacy and privilege between married couples is limited.
  • Your family members may be forced to testify against you. The prosecution will want them to testify to what you have told them.
  • Anyone else in your life such as co-workers, friends, accomplices, or fellow inmates can be forced to testify against you under threats of prosecution.

If any of the important people in your life ask you details about your criminal case, you will need to let them know that your defense lawyer has advised you from speaking to anyone about it. Make these people aware that if you tell them any information about your case that they could be dragged into it by the prosecution during the trial. Be aware that while client/attorney conversations are private, that does not include any third parties that may be present during conversations between you two.

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