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Our Albuquerque Defense Lawyer Offers Expungement Tips
30 Nov 2015

Our Albuquerque Defense Lawyer Offers Expungement Tips

Lady of justice scales Albuquerque Defense LawyerIf you have questions about removing a criminal conviction from your criminal history, our Albuquerque defense lawyer can provide you with the relevant information. Otherwise known as expungement, you will need to discuss your case with competent legal counsel in order to determine if you meet the qualifications to be eligible for this privilege.

Reviews the Laws in New Mexico

Our Albuquerque defense lawyer can list the specific requirements for removal of an offense from your record as these requirements vary between states. In addition to where you live and committed the crime, the courts consider the type of crime. In general, you should be prepared to wait for some time in order to resolve this process. While you do not legally need an attorney to help you with the expungement, the procedures can be confusing.

Juvenile Offenses, Drug Crimes, and Misdemeanors

Some states do not allow expungements for felonies, no matter the offense. You are much more likely to be approved for the removal of the crime if you have committed certain drug offenses, some types of juvenile crimes or a misdemeanor. Our Albuquerque defense lawyer can check to see if your offense is eligible for an expungement.

The Expungement Process

The process of expunging your record begins with submitting a petition to the court. You will need to file a formal written request, which will include a statement of why you are asking for the expungement and exactly what you have done to deserve a favorable response from the court. The criteria will likely include the completion of your entire sentence of community supervision, including probation or parole. Once you finish your sentence, the courts might require you to wait a certain amount of time in order to show that you can remain law-abiding and act as a responsible member of society. You can list these contributions in the petition to the court, such as maintaining stable employment, abiding by the law and volunteering in the community.

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