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An Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Discusses What to Expect If You Are Arrested
22 Jun 2015

An Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Discusses What to Expect If You Are Arrested

An Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Discusses What to Expect If You Are Arrested

Everyone hopes they will never need an Albuquerque criminal lawyer. Even so, an arrest could happen at any time, leaving you no other alternative but to contact an attorney. If you are arrested, here is what you should expect from the time you are apprehended until your first appearance in court.

An Arrest Can Happen Suddenly

An arrest typically comes without warning, leaving you with little time to contact an Albuquerque criminal defense attorney. Even so, if the arrest happens as a result of an ongoing investigation, you may already be represented by an Albuquerque criminal lawyer. This is very common in cases of white collar crime, vehicular homicide, and other similar cases.


After being apprehended, you will then be transported to a local precinct for processing. You may be “booked” at that precinct, or taken to a central holding facility to have your mugshot and fingerprints taken. Officers might also ask certain “pedigree questions” to determine your identity, employment, residence and immigration status. While you are being processed, charging documents will be filed either by the prosecutor or the arresting officer, and then you will be afforded an opportunity to speak with an Albuquerque criminal lawyer. Alternatively, police may issue only a citation or summons for certain acts such as traffic offenses, allowing you skip the booking process entirely.

Posting Bail

You may be able to post stationhouse bail if you are arrested for a very minor offense. Stationhouse bail is a type of bail that is payable through the precinct rather than a bond agent. If you are refused stationhouse bail, you will then have the opportunity to be interviewed by a bail agency, which operates as a part of the court system. A bail bondsman will talk with you to determine if you are a good candidate for release. If so, you will be afforded the opportunity to post bail, the amount of which is usually determined by a judge or magistrate.

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