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Albuquerque Criminal Attorneys Discuss Plea Bargains
08 Jun 2015

Albuquerque Criminal Attorneys Discuss Plea Bargains

Albuquerque Criminal Attorneys Front view mid section of male lawyer holding law bookPlea bargaining is an important part of many criminal cases, and Albuquerque criminal attorneys may be able to help decide if taking a plea bargain would be beneficial. Typically, in a plea bargain, the defendant agrees that he or she is guilty of committing a lesser crime in exchange for agreement from the prosecutor to not charge the defendant with a worse crime. The prosecutor may also agree to a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence or even to dismiss other charges. However, these bargains are not always in the long-term best interests of the defendant.

Plea Bargaining at Your Initial Appearance

Pleading guilty at initial appearance is sometimes beneficial to the defendant, but there are both legal and practical obstacles in place. In the majority of jurisdictions, the district justice or magistrate has limited jurisdiction. This means that he or she cannot enter a guilty plea when it concerns a serious misdemeanor or felony. At the earliest stages of a criminal case, the parties involved are in possession of limited knowledge about the possible defenses as well as how serious the case is.

Plea Bargaining at Arraignment

Most of the time, plea bargaining begins at arraignment. In some cases, this is because the defendant is not able to make bail. In some other cases, plea bargaining begins at arraignment because the prosecutors are pressured to finish cases as quickly as possible. When the prosecutors are pressured to make minimum use of the court and its resources, they may be quicker to offer a plea bargain.

Contact Albuquerque Criminal Attorneys

If you are a defendant, contact Twohig Law Firm at (505) 898-0400 to find out how these attorneys may be able to help you. Deciding whether to accept a plea bargain is a difficult choice, especially when a guilty plea may result in punishment in the future for a more serious charge. For many defendants, being on probation often leads to more serious problems. Albuquerque criminal attorneys may be able to help you decide what is best for your long-term interests.



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