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Did You Fail to Appear at a Bail Hearing? Call Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyers
21 Dec 2015

Did You Fail to Appear at a Bail Hearing? Call Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyers

Albuquerque Criminal LawyerOne of the most common problems faced by Albuquerque criminal lawyers is clients who fail to appear for court hearings. Few things can prejudice your case more than not following an instruction by the court. If you show up at a later date or are later arrested, the judge will not be nearly as gracious in accommodating requests for leniency. If your Albuquerque criminal defense attorney advises you to be at the court house at a certain time, you should make every effort to be there.

“Jumping” Bail Is a Separate Criminal Act

You may face additional charges or sanctions for failing to appear. In the days leading up to your hearing you should be sure to stay in regular contact with your Albuquerque criminal defense attorney. When your attorney calls to confirm you will be at court or ask questions about your case, you should answer your phone or return their call promptly. The judge will not appreciate it if your attorney shows up to court and cannot explain where you are.

Possible Defenses

Judges do not like to hear excuses for failure to appear. They expect you to plan ahead and have a contingency plan if some event occurs that may prevent you from getting to court on time. However, there are some circumstances where your Albuquerque criminal lawyer may make a plausible argument that your absence should be forgiven. These may include:

  • not receiving a court notice in the mail because you moved or because the notice arrived late.
  • your previous attorney or public defender did not tell you when the next hearing was.

There is no guarantee these arguments will work. Regardless of the actions of others, you are expected to be proactive in resolving your case. If you have any questions you should not hesitate to contact your attorney or call the court clerk’s office for information about your hearing.

Contact Our Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you were recently arrested or already have a warrant issued for failing to appear, the advice of an experienced Albuquerque criminal defense attorney will be invaluable. The lawyers at The Twohig Law Firm are happy to answer any and all bail related questions. Call us today at (505) 898-0400 for a consultation.


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