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An Albuquerque Criminal Attorney Discusses Plea Agreements
05 Oct 2015

An Albuquerque Criminal Attorney Discusses Plea Agreements

Scale of justice Albuquerque Criminal Attorney Your Albuquerque criminal attorney will advise you as to how to handle the acceptance of a plea agreement.

Making a Good Impression During Your Hearing

An Albuquerque criminal attorney will explain that most criminal cases will not go to trial, but will be settled with a plea agreement. In the majority of cases, the defendant will have given a plea of not guilty. This means that it will be necessary to change the plea in order to accept the plea agreement. When making this change, this could be the only time the judge is interacting with you before being sentenced. Make sure to show respect to the judge and the legal process. Showing contrition and being dressed appropriately will make a good impression with the judge. The judge is not required to accept a plea. You should not try to minimize your responsibilities. There will be a certain expectation on the part of the judge when you are admitting your guilt. In some instances, the prosecutor will provide a summary of the evidence. You will then be asked if you agree. Replying yes or no will be sufficient. The judge will likely question you to make certain that you are willingly accepting the plea deal. You will have to show you are:

  • mentally competent;
  • satisfied with your attorney;
  • understanding of the legal ramifications for accepting the agreement;
  • and aware of what your rights are when it comes to trial and appeal.

Your lawyer will explain if pleading guilty is a smart decision based on the case.

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced Albuquerque Criminal Attorney

If you have questions about accepting a plea agreement and everything that goes with it, call (505) 898-0400 to speak to an Albuquerque criminal attorney at the Twohig Law Firm today.


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