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Civil Rights Violations

Albuquerque Civil Rights Lawyers and Civil Rights Violations

Albuquerque Civil Rights Lawyers  justice in the dictionaryIf you have been the victim of race discrimination, fair housing rights violations, sexual harassment, or another civil rights violation, you may consider contacting Albuquerque civil rights lawyers. This guide will cover the initial questions you should ask an attorney if your civil rights have been violated. Albuquerque civil rights lawyers may also help you pursue compensation from the person or entity that discriminated against you.

Protected Right Violations

If one of your protected rights has been violated, a civil rights lawsuit may be in order. First, it is important to determine whether a violation has actually occurred. Some cases that seem like rights violations are actually not examples of an illegal act or discrimination. The following examples demonstrate potential unlawful housing rights violations as well as non-discriminatory acts.

Example 1: An applicant who owns two cats fills out an application to lease a home. Once the owner of the home learns that the applicant owns cats, she refuses his application because she does not want animals to damage her property. The landlord has not committed any civil rights violation because pet owners are not a protected rights group. Landlords are free to reject applicants who own pets.

Example 2: A Mexican-American family fills out an application to live in a new apartment complex. Once the landlord learns the family is Mexican-American, he refuses to rent the apartment to them solely because he prefers to lease apartments to Caucasian tenants. The landlord has committed a clear civil rights violation by discriminating against the applicants on the basis of race. Federal and state fair housing and discrimination laws forbid landlords from rejecting tenants because of race.

Rights Violation Options

If you believe that your civil rights were violated, Albuquerque civil rights lawyers may be able to help you determine how to proceed. From informal negotiations to a government claim or private lawsuit, there are a variety of options available to you. Most disputes can be resolved in an informal negotiation without requiring extensive paperwork or court appearances. Informal negotiations are often preferable in potential employment discrimination cases because they can be resolved through both sides, often through lawyers or other mediators. In such cases, the employer agrees to pay a certain amount of severance if the employee does not sue. When it comes to filing a claim with the government at state or federal level, the government agency steps in to enforce your rights. Filing such a complaint typically triggers an investigation and may result in compensation. Once the complaint is filed, it is up to the agency to decide how to proceed. In most cases, government employees are not allowed to file a government claim. In some cases, a government claim must be filed before you can file a civil rights lawsuit. Private lawsuits are often a better option for larger scale civil rights violations. You must first decide whether you would like to file at the federal or state court level. Depending on the circumstances of your case, this decision may be affected by applicable law. Regardless of where you file, you must file a complaint with the court as a plaintiff. The complaint illustrates the facts and allegations that show that the defendant is responsible for violating your civil rights as well as any harm that may have resulted. Albuquerque civil rights lawyers may help you build a strong case that clearly illustrates how the discriminatory actions affected you. In many cases, you must first establish a government claim either at the state or federal level before the courts will hear your civil rights lawsuit.

Contact Albuquerque Civil Rights Lawyers

If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, one of the best first steps you can take is to speak with an experienced civil rights attorney. Consider contacting the attorneys at Twohig Law Firm today at (505) 898-0400 for a consultation on moving forward with your lawsuit. Civil rights violations can be emotionally distressing and have severe financial consequences. From being rejected from an apartment due to race discrimination to losing a job because of gender discrimination, it is important to have Albuquerque civil rights lawyers in your corner that you can trust. Filing a lawsuit is an often difficult process with many legal hurdles along the way. Even informal negotiations can become hostile, so it is important that you have representation to guard your interests and serve as a mediator between you and the defendant. While government claims result in your case being turned over to the discretion of the government agency, a lawyer may still be able to advise on the best ways to proceed with your claim. Contact Albuquerque civil rights lawyers today for more information on protecting your civil rights and getting the financial compensation you deserve.



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