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Our Albuquerque Civil Rights Attorneys on Civil Rights Violations
24 Aug 2015

Our Albuquerque Civil Rights Attorneys on Civil Rights Violations

Albuquerque Civil Rights Attorneys As your Albuquerque civil rights attorneys will tell you, no one is exempt from potentially having their civil rights violated. A civil rights violation can include anything from sexual harassment to housing violations to race discrimination and more. If you feel that you have been the victim of a civil rights violation, contact your Albuquerque civil rights attorneys for a consultation. The following information provided by your Albuquerque civil rights attorneys reviews what civil rights violations are so that you can determine if yours have been violated. After reviewing the information you feel that your civil rights have been violated, contact your civil rights attorney Albuquerque to discuss during a consultation visit.

Were Your Protected Civil Rights Violated?

The first thing that you should be aware of is that your civil rights are considered to be protected rights. You may feel that the situation you were in violated your rights, but did it violate your protected rights? Not all of your rights are considered to be civil rights, and therefore are not protected. If your non-protected rights were violated, that is still legal. Only your protected civil rights are protected under the anti-discrimination laws. Below are two examples that will show the difference between having your rights violated and having your protected civil rights violated in terms of fair housing.

Example one: a Middle-eastern man fills out an application to rent a house from a landlord. When the landlord realizes that the applicant is Middle-eastern he refuses to rent the property to him because he wants only tenants that are Caucasian. This is a direct violation of the applicant’s protected civil rights. The applicant has been discriminated against because of his race. Under the fair-housing federal laws, it is illegal for an applicant to be rejected because of their race.

Example two: an applicant, who is a dog owner, fills out an applicant to rent a house from a landlord. Upon finding out that the applicant is a dog owner, the landlord rejects the application because they do not want pets on their property. While this is discrimination against the applicant, this is not a violation of any protected rights. The landlord is within their legal rights to reject any application from pet owners if they wish to do so.

What to Do If Your Rights Were Violated

There are several options available to you if you feel that your protected civil rights have been violated. You can file a private lawsuit against the violator in civil court, resolve the matter through informal negotiations, or file a claim through the government.

Filing a Private Lawsuit

If this is the route you choose to go with your civil rights violation, it is recommended that you have an experienced civil rights attorney assist you with the lawsuit. The first thing that your attorney will help you to figure out is if your lawsuit should be filed in state or federal court. You will need to file a complaint with the court that details how your civil rights were violated and why the defendant is responsible for that violation.

Informal Negotiations

If this is the route you choose to go, then you will be able to forgo file paperwork or taking your case through a court battle. An example of this would be if there was a discrimination claim against your workplace. It would be possible for you to sit down with the decision makers in your work place and discuss a fair negotiation. This could include a severance package for you if you agree to not sue the company over the violation of your civil rights.

Filing a Claim with the Government

If this is the route you choose to go, you will need to determine whether your claim should be filed with the local, state, or federal government. Filing a claim with the government means that there will be an investigation into your claim. A government agency will investigate and take steps upon your behalf to take action. The facts and details of your case will determine whether a state or federal government agency will be handling it. You or the person you are filing against do not need to be affiliated with the government in anyway in order to file your claim with the government. Depending on the type of civil rights violation, your case may be required to be filed with the government for further investigation. It may also be required to file your case with the government before you are allowed to settle matters as a private lawsuit in court.

Hiring an Attorney

Before filing any claims, your first step should be to schedule a consultation with a experienced and knowledgeable civil rights attorney. Your civil rights attorney can help to determine if your protected rights have been violated and how to proceed from there. Your attorney can determine how to best handle your situation and how it should be resolved. Your attorney will go over the options with you and give you their opinion on the outcome of each one. A dedicated civil rights attorney will do their best to make sure you get the best outcome possible in your case.

Contact Your Civil Rights Attorney Albuquerque Residents Trust

When filing for a civil rights violation, you want the most dedicated and experienced civil rights attorney Albuquerque fighting for you. You can find those skilled professional from the Twohig Law Firm at (505) 898-0400. Twohig Law Firm has the civil rights attorney in Albuquerque who has the knowledge and dedication to help you get the best possible outcome from your civil rights case. Call today for your consultation!


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