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Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Discusses Vehicles Stops and Searches
31 Aug 2015

Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Explains the Limits of the Scope of Searches

Clients sometimes ask our Albuquerque criminal lawyer about computer searches and how much leeway the authorities have. For example, the courts might compare a computer to a filing cabinet with numerous filing folders. They require the authorities to show probable...

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24 Aug 2015

Our Albuquerque Civil Rights Attorneys on Civil Rights Violations

As your Albuquerque civil rights attorneys will tell you, no one is exempt from potentially having their civil rights violated. A civil rights violation can include anything from sexual harassment to housing violations to race discrimination and more. If you...

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17 Aug 2015

Albuquerque Civil Rights Attorneys Discuss Reporting Police Misconduct

When a person in a position of authority abuses his or her power, it is a serious matter than affects not only the individual who suffered the direct harm but also society as a whole. Perhaps there is no worse...

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10 Aug 2015

An Overview of Discovery by Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer

Clients sometimes ask our Albuquerque criminal lawyer about the criminal discovery process and what that involves. Discovery includes three steps as follows: Voluntary Disclosure – Step 1 At the arraignment, the prosecution might make a disclosure in the case, which...

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03 Aug 2015

Our Albuquerque Criminal Lawyer Discusses Vehicles Stops and Searches

One of the most common issues people talk to an Albuquerque criminal lawyer about involves vehicle stops and searches. While automobiles are protected by the Fourth Amendment, the type of privacy one can expect inside a vehicle is much different for...

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